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Products Details

Simple Aesthetic Design

Ergonomically designed with a fine spindle, this is the only electric hoverboard in the industry up to now whose intermediate spindle can be held with one hand. The 65mm diameter of the spindle might beyond your imagination.

Cool Appearance

The appearance of DAIBUC hoverboard can be customized according to your mind. You can make your own self-balancing scooter as you like.

DIY Your Own Taillight via App

You can DIY special taillight lighting effects through DAIBUC App for your mood. It supports 65,535 types of color combination; choose any colors you prefer to get various lighting effects.

Multi-Protection Makes You Safe and Secure

Packed with self-developed smart chips and state-of-the-art technologies, DAIBUC hoverboard provides multiple protections, such as speed limit, low battery protection and emergency shutdown, etc.

LG High-Capacity Battery Enables You To Go Further

The LG high-quality 4300mAh 18650-sized lithium battery pack allows you to drive your DAIBUC D2F further, with the maximum range being 35km after one charge.

Robust Motors Provide Continuous Stronger Power

DAIBUC hoverboard D2F is equipped with two powerful brushless motors, which makes climbing a slope of 9°become an easier thing. It consumes less energy and brings a better riding experience with a small noise.

DAIBUC App Brings You and Your Board Closer

The self-balancing electric hoverboard DAIBUC D2F supports DAIBUC App, so you can easily control your vehicle through it, such as startup or shutdown, change different light effects of the taillights, set parameters, record your paths etc. You can also share your DAIBUC life, discover new events, and make friends in the community.

ModelD2F (Advanced Version)
Battery216.72Wh (4.3Ah)
Max. Speed②14km/h
Speed Limit14km/h
Max Slope
Net Weight7.5kg
Dimensions175 * 543 * 168mm
Motor Power300Wx2
Charging Time3.5h
Tire Size7.0 inch
ChargerAC 110V-240V (Input)                  
                 DC 58.8V/1.5A (Output)
Input VoltageDC 58.8V
Operating Temperature-10~40°C

The contents of the remarks are as follows:

①The Range is measured on an even road at a speed of 8km/h, with the temperature being 25°C and load being 50kg. The riding habits, environmental temperature, road surface conditions, etc., can affect the actual range. Different model versions and battery capacity also lead to different riding ranges.

② This Speed is measured on an even road with full battery and 50kg payload.